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Carga Horária: 4 horas

Investimento: 400 reais (é obrigatório estar inscrito no Festival ABCR para participar das masterclasses)

Professores: Ligia Pena (Greenpeace Canadá) e Danilo Tiisel (Social Profit)

Observação: essa masterclass será em português e inglês, sem tradução simultânea, em razão da sua carga horária. O domínio do idioma é fundamental para participação na atividade.


Cash-strapped, acquisition costs keep increasing, and drawing a blank on how to engage supporters at a higher level. What is a Fundraiser to do? What if there was a simple and highly engaging way to raise millions from your supporters at a fraction of what you spend in acquisition costs, would you jump at this opportunity?

This session will explore how to engage supporters at a much more personal level in order to inspire donors to leave a legacy, raise more funds to realize your mission and effectively change the world. At the end of this session you will leave thinking: “wish I’d started a legacy program 10 years ago!”

Longer Abstract

Greenpeace International has been raising millions of dollars through gifts in Wills from around the globe for decades. It has developed tools, mechanisms and KPIs that ensure every office is meeting – even surpassing – targets as a way to realize its mission.

But what does it take? Investment, commitment and hard work. Is the Greenpeace model perfect? Absolutely not! Using examples for different organizations around the globe, participants in this session will learn how to build a business case for legacy investment, how to develop a program by identifying prospects, establishing a solid pipeline, engaging donors through moves management and finally, how to measure the program. Because let’s be honest, what are we if you don’t have good KPIs?

This session is intended for beginner and novice fundraisers who wish to launch a legacy program but don’t know where to start. This will be practical and full of nuggets of wisdom with a healthy dose of humour.

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We are currently experiencing the largest wealth transfer ever known – it is estimated at $46 billion USD. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of non-profits that either do not have a legacy program or are running a reactive program.

Organizations are basically leaving money on the table that could significantly impact their work and their communities.

It is imperative that fundraisers get on board with legacy giving and learn how to run effective programs that inspire and engage their donors. This session will offer examples from around the globe to demonstrate how to effectively run a legacy program whether you are a small grassroots organization or a large international NGO.

The right time was 10 years ago, the second best time is today!

Learning Outcomes

1) Learn how to build a case for legacy investment

2) Learn the basics of how to set up a legacy program

3) Come out knowing how to build a strong and progressively moving pipeline

4) Learn how to set and report on KPIs

Presentation style

PowerPoint presentation with work in groups.

Experience level of participants

Intermediate and advanced level professionals